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Plantation Field Starter Horse Trial Entry
Plantation Field
05-10-2018 20:00


Your Significant Other would like to come to an event and watch you ride. Oh dear. Now how are you going to manage your horse, your dressage test, your cross country course, etc. and him/her too? Here's the best deal going: bid on this entry from Plantation Field for any Starter Horse Trial in 2018 (May, June, or November dates). Plantation has a nice big hill with a lovely view from the top, and you can park him/her up on the hill and they can enjoy the beautiful view all day of all the action....while you can concentrate on your riding! Don't forget the wonderful features available at Plantation Field for competitors - the Tapeta show jumping/dressage arena, great people, levels from Introductory on up, special awards including prize money for top scoring Thoroughbreds and much more. You got this.  www.plantationfieldhorsetrials.com Bid often!


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