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A Day At The Races with Thoroughbred Trainer Tim Keefe for a Party of 6
05-10-2018 20:00


You could blow a thousand on a trip to New York to see a broadway show. You could book a cheap flight to Florida and deal with screaming babies for a few hours. You could go shopping online at Amazon and blow a thousand on Cole Haan shoes and a teeny tiny sweater from some famous designer with a name I cannot pronounce (or spell). But why would you want to do any of those things when you could take the same money, pack up 5 of your best friends and enjoy a full day at Laurel Park as guests of top Thoroughbred trainer Tim Keefe? Yes, that's right. An incredible Bucket List day that can start in the morning on the backstretch, then enjoy lunch and refreshments while you watch the day's races at Laurel Park as special guests - including possibly even naming a race after your group! Come visit Laurel Park, Maryland's premier destination for horse racing and horse racing results. Located between Washington D.C. and Baltimore fans are treated to some of the best sights and sounds in the world.  With an elegant Terrace Dining, comfortable Bars, simulcast rooms, and plenty of seating in the general admission area, Laurel Park has been offering exciting thoroughbred horse racing since 1911.  An incredible opportunity to support and enjoy Thoroughbred horse racing, a sport that knows how to treat its fans, bring your own equestrian experience and watch the beautiful Laurel Park horses compete.  Day to be mutually agreed upon by Tim Keefe and winning party, any day at Laurel Park track except Million Day. An experience of a lifetime and you get to enjoy it with your friends AND beautiful horses and as guests of great horse people. Does it get any better than that? Please call or text all your friends right now and bid on this experience - and help Young Riders!!! Many thanks to Rumsey and Tim Keefe for this generous donation! www.timkeeferacing.com, www.laurelpark.com,


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