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$250 Gift Certificate from Sagmae
05-10-2018 20:00


You're staring at a horse and rider. Jealous much? Naw. You just saw that exclusive Dy'on bridle, and that buttery Butet or Erreplus saddle, or beautiful Lorenzini boots on that four star rider and started to drool. No, it wasn't jealousy. It was pure envy - where did that beautiful leather come from, and how are you going to get them? We have the answer. It's Sagmae, the incredible leather vendor that has made eventers everywhere drool. They offer some beautiful things and knowledgeable saddle fitting, too. Sagmae is your partner in the quest for excellence and innovative brands. "We support your equestrian journey." So here's your chance to get just what you want from Sagmae - a gift certificate worth $250! Keep an eye on this one and make sure you check the bidding often! www.sagmae.com


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