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Blanket Clean/Repair Gift Certificate from Laura's Blanket Repair & Retail
05-10-2018 20:00


Yuck. There it sits. All dirty from a winter on the horse. You don't even want to touch it, let alone wash the darn thing or put it in your car! So.....just bag it up and send it off - and throw in a partner to keep it company - and you got this winter blanket thing DONE. Includes two blankets, cleaning, reparing if needed, and waterproofing - a $106 value gift card, with free return shipping if sent to Laura. What a great donation to Young Riders and I know I sure could use it so I'm going to bid like crazy on it!  Laura's Blanket Repair & Retail - have some fun and check out Laura's Instagram at "lauras_blanket_repair_n_retail" too! (She has over 1,200 followers) And #laurasblanketrepair.com/shop - www.laurasblanketrepair.com


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