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Lesson on Four* Horse UN, from Jane Sleeper
Jane Sleeper
05-10-2018 20:00


All eventing fans know what a four-star is. They might change the name, or call it something different, but we all know what four star means. That ultimate horse, the greatest cross-country courses, the highest level of competition. Rare and special, those horses, and not available to the rest of us eventing fans except to see them gallop by us on groomed, grassy lanes and jump enormous fences with ease. We'll never get to ride one of those...or will we? There is such a horse that is available for you to ride and make a lifetime memory. And it's only here in Area II to support Young Riders. Yes, you can bid on a lesson on a four star horse, Jane Sleeper's famous mare UN! What a Bucket List Checkoff that would be! Jane has generously donated a private lesson on UN at her farm in Cochranville, PA., at a time that is mutually agreed upon with winner. For more information, www.janesleeper.com.


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