October 17-21, Fair Hill International will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary!!!  We are all very excited about that and hoping to make this year extra special.  Volunteers are the heart of FHI and, with no doubt, make it what it is and what it has been.  FHI employs approximately 5 people.  The rest of us are all volunteers.  Pretty amazing when you think about it.  And why when we say that "Volunteers Make It Happen," we are not exaggerating, even a little bit.  

This year, in addition to looking for volunteers to work the Front Gate and the VIP Gate, I am also looking for 2 folks to help with two more specific positions.

The first is someone to work in the banking trailer.  Ginny Sanders has graciously offered to return for the third year to work one of these two slots.  At its core, the position requires you to count money. You would be working with Ginny to count the monies taken in at the registers and you would be putting together the deposits.  A senior member of the FHI family would come to the trailer at the end of each day (and, possibly in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday) to take the deposit from you and they would be responsible for them from there. The hours for this position will be Saturday from 9am to approx 4:30/5pm and Sunday from 11am to approx 4:30/5pm.

The second person would be someone to split supervising the Main Gate area with Evelyn Kennedy. This is much of what I have done at the Main Gate for many years.  Evelyn has already agreed to do half of the time.  

Tasks that you would be doing...

 - Helping gate volunteers learn how to run the registers, when to stamp hands, when to give wristbands, etc.

 - Each morning that you're working - get registers, cash, stamps, programs, etc out (with the help of the other volunteers)  At the end of each day that you're working - bring these things back into the trailer.

 - Correct errors made in the register (not difficult.  You will have a cheat sheet)

 - Move money to and from the banking trailer/registers

 - Settle the credit card machines at the end of each day

 - Call hospitality carts for guests looking for transportation

 - Radio other FHI folks to get answers for guest questions that you don't already know the answer to

Tasks that I have done that you will not need to do...

 - Create reports with the counts, etc

 - Be responsible for the Merchandise Booth deposit.

 - Recruit the volunteers for the Main Gate and VIP Gate


The hours for this position would be split with Evelyn (FYI...Evelyn will not be able to work on Thur)  Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun  7:30am - approx 4pm/4:30pm.

And, finally, I'm looking for volunteers for the Main Gate and the Sponsor Gate (formally, the VIP Gate)

Main Gate - Here you will either be running the register to collect admission to the event for our guests or you will be stamping hands/giving wristbands.  


Thur/Fri/Sun  7:45am - 12pm  or  11:30am - 3:30pm

Sunday 7:45am - 12pm   or   10am - 2pm   or  12pm - 4pm

Sponsor Gate (formally, VIP Gate) - Here you will be greeting guests and checking that they have their appropriate wristbands, etc.


Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun   7:45am - 12pm   or   11:30am - 3:30pm

All volunteers receive free admission everyday of the event, 10% off at the FHI Merchandise Booth, parking in the lot across from the Main Gate, invitation to the Welcome Party (which will be held on Wednesday night this year) and new this year - access to the Volunteer Lounge.

If you are interested in either the Banking position or the Supervising position, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you are interested in working at either the Main Gate or the Sponsor Gate, you can email me OR you can go to http://www.EventingVolunteers.com and sign up right there.  (If not familiar with the site...Log in as a volunteer, click on "Upcoming Events," find our event on the left side of the screen and, then click on the event day(s) you are interested in working on.  You will be able to see all of the positions that we are trying to fill for that particular day.  The positions mentioned above are under "Ticketing/Admissions."  

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