2023 Adult Riders Update

Donna Bottner, Area II Adult Rider Coordinator:


We are kicking off five adult team challenges this year, spread over the entire area from NJ to NC.

The AEC’s will be capping Areas to 35 riders, which gives us approximately 2 teams at each level, This year, a letter of intent will be necessary for riders to file ahead of time to help the AEC organizers with scheduling.

Adult Riders are also planning to again have a tailgate at the Maryland 5 star (Fair Hill) in the fall and may do a joint meetup with Area I riders invited to attend.

Are you interested in helping this year to provide Adult Rider outreach at events? Please contact Donna if you would like to help.

A Landsafe clinic is planned for late May, but Donna is looking for a property with an indoor arena that would  fit the criteria of the Landsafe requirements - if anyone could help, please contact her.

The 2022 Area II Adult Rider of the Year was Katie Thornton, and 2022 Adult Rider Horse of the Year was Steddy Eddy, owned and ridden by Suzy Gehris. Many thanks to the beautiful D'yon cooler presented by Sagmae to Suzy at the Area II banquet in January. This year Sagmae and Alicia Daily Pottery will be sponsoring beautiful custom prizes to Adult Rider team competitions. Many thanks to our supporters!