The majority of the course is outside of the pastures in fields and woods but there are also jumps through the pasture fence lines and in and out of the ring to the fields. The course is very horse friendly and is geared toward progressively educating your green horse or rider. Many of the jumps are adjustable in height. We have courses from Elementary through Training Level Eventing with a few higher fences. Jump heights range from approximately 1’ to 3’9”. You may school with your coach or ground person or take lessons with Earlen (with no schooling fees).

The course consists of:   bank jump,  stream crossing,  coffin,  trakehner,   hogs back,  coops,  log piles,  gates, snake fence,  roll top,  single logs, railroad ties,  brush piles,  etc.

country haven bank  
country haven ditch  


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Megan Hopkins and her new partner Night Moves at Full Moon Farm. PC: GRC photo


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