Points & Awards Program

Congrats to all the participants in the 2010 program. Watch this area for some information on the riders and their horses/ponies, and how they got here. Have you seen any of them competing this year? 

Here are a few of the 2010 participants.

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Beginner Novice Junior – Champion

Rider/Owner: Skyler Decker (11 yrs old)

Horse Name/Nickname: Nickels and Dime (Champion) / Nicki

           Checkered Flag (tied for 4th) / Checkers               

Nicki's age: 13, Sex: Mare, Breed: QH/Clyde Cross

Checker's age: 25, Sex: Gelding, Breed: Welsh Cross

Skyler is 11 years old and lives in Mt. Airy, Maryland with her parents, Sharon and Bob, and brother, Storm. She is a 6th grader at Mt. Airy Middle School, where she is in accelerated classes and is currently on the Honor Roll. Skyler started riding at age 6 at summer camp where she immediately decided that she was going to be a “horse rider”. She started taking lessons, and soon after joined Pony Club where she continued with lessons as well as unmounted knowledge sessions and continues with lessons, clinics, schooling, etc. Her love for Eventing began the minute she had her first jumping lesson in the field. Skyler started the 2010 season on her special pony, Checkered Flag, aka Checkers (tied for #4 in Area II) with a goal to go to the AEC’s. They qualified early in the year and continued to do well until Checkers suffered a tendon injury in early summer that took them out of competition and required Checkers to be on stall rest for the remainder of the season.   That meant they would not be able to compete at the AEC’s. Enter Nicki…We had been considering leasing Nicki for Skyler to move up to Novice at the end of the year. After Checkers’ injury, Nicki’s previous owner offered to allow us to get her trained so that Skyler could try to qualify, again, for the AEC’s. They started training and after many hours of training and lessons they were able to qualify in their first two outings, finishing in first place at both events. They continued their winning streak, and in September, Skyler’s dream came true as she and Nicki not only competed at the AEC’s, but, came home as Reserve Champions at the 2010 AEC’s and finishing at the top of Area II Beginner Novice Jr. Division is the “Icing on the cake”! Skyler and Nicki have moved up to Novice level, and with one qualifying ride under their belt, they hope to qualify for the 2011 AEC’s at Novice level and will continue to train with a plan for Training level in the Fall of 2011. Checkers is doing great and is now back to doing what he does best, and that is, making another little girl, or two, happy J.           Last, but certainly not least... the Thank You’s! There are many people who, in one way or another, have contributed to Skyler, Nicki and Checkers success, to you all, Thank You! A special thanks to Dona Ruth for training with dressage. And to, Linda Dean, a heartfelt thank you…for many years of patience, advice, knowledge, teaching, friendship and understanding...and for never giving up on a little girl with a dream! Your training in every aspect of Eventing has allowed Skyler to achieve well beyond expectations.


Photos by Hoofclix & GRC Photo



Beginner Novice Junior – Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Emma Hartley
Horse's Name/nickname: Dawn's Peak / Topper

Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old chestnut TB gelding who raced until he was 4.  I don't think he was very fast!
I am a freshman at Wilmington Friends School in Delaware, although I live in Pennsylvania.  We keep our horses (Topper, my pony Dandy, and my mom's horse Moe) at a co-op farm in Unionville where we share the work with a few other eventers.  I am a member of Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds Pony Club, and just got my C2 rating.
We bought Topper earlier this year from B Diehl who is a friend of my trainer (Jennie Brannigan) and we had an incredible year!   He is a great horse- he's very easygoing and he'll jump anything which has given me a lot of confidence.  We went to some events at beginner novice, and travelled to Lendon Grey's Youth Dressage Festival, and Pony Club Championships.  The best was going to the AECs in Georgia.   Topper was a really good boy and we ended up 10th out of 65 riders!  After the AEC's we have been going Novice, and even won at Waredaca in October. Over the winter I will work mostly on my dressage and equitation, and next year am planning to go to the Pony Club Championships which will be at the Kentucky Horse Park!  I want to go back to the AEC's as well, and at some point move up to Training Level.  I would really like to do the Training 3 Day, maybe in 2012?
Thanks to Jennie for all of her help and to B for sharing such an awesome horse.  And to my parents for letting me do so much with Topper.


Beginner Novice Junior – 3rd

Rider/Owner name: Rachael Best, Mount Airy, MD

Horse’s Name (nickname): Mark Me First (“Rosie”)

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 11/Mare/15h3”/OTTB/by Miner’s Mark out of Olympic Spirit

I am a 14-yr-old freshman at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD. Rosie & I have been Eventing partners for 3 years. We began showing at recognized horse trials at the BN level in 2009. After placing 3rd at Rubicon HTs in November 2009, we set our goal to qualify for the AEC’s during the 2010 season. We accomplished that goal when we placed 1st at the Maryland HTs in July 2010! We were fortunate enough to work with Steuart Pittman & Jimmy Wofford during the 2010 season, who improved our skills to enable us to reach our goal. We had a blast at the Bucks County HTs in August, where we placed 1st at Novice! We then placed 5th at the Area II BN Championships later that same month at Difficult Run HTs.

In September, we made the trip to the AEC’s in GA! We did well at AEC’s, but we also encountered some unexpected health issues when Rosie tied up after our XC phase during the competition. She rebounded quickly, though, & we were able to complete the competition. She enjoyed some well-deserved time off after we returned home from GA, and now we are in the process of re-conditioning her back to her previous fitness level. We are looking forward to moving up to showing recognized Novice in the upcoming season and returning to the AEC’s at Novice in 2011!



Beginner Novice & Novice Adult Amateur Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Wendi Bebie
Horse's Name/nickname: Doug

Dougie, otherwise known as the wild child (or the brat) is an OTTB I competed this year at Beginner Novice and Novice.  I am a long time adult amateur and really enjoy riding one or two horses at a time and getting to know them and all their quirks.  Dougie is a tremendous ride because he is so athletic, but you never know what to expect because he is easily distracted.  I   hope that we will be doing well at Training next year. 



Beginner Novice Adult Amateur – Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Rick Jacob

Horse’s Name/Nickname: Mrs Bigelow AKA Mrs B or Queen B

Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old mare DraftX.

I am 64 and went to the U of MD. business school, I am a semi retired insurance broker, married with 2 daughters and 4 grand children (future eventers) Health permitting I will continue to ride and compete, my riding experience started in Chile, South America, at age 19 came to the United States and rode show jumpers for various families while attending college. Mrs B this year went to 3 Horse Trials, then we took time off to travel around the world. For 2011 I plan to event her and have a good time at the lower levels. Mrs B is a fine mare that takes care of the old man, she is fun to ride and her favorite treats are apples or anything sweet. Her quirk is that she has a small spook, but she lets you know when, in the field she is the boss but gently.



Beginner Novice Open – Champion & Novice Open – 4th

Rider name/Owner: Yvonne Lucas/Kathryn Partigan
Horse's Name/nickname: Clip Art/Clipper

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 10/G/Dutch Warmblood x Hanoverian, 17.1 hands.
I'm 53, and a professional rider/trainer. I was born and grew up on the West Coast and moved here in 1998 to pursue a life with horses. I'm located in Berryville, VA, but teach and train all over Northern VA.
Eventing through Advanced, dressage through Prix St Georges. Clipper did his first recognized HT in Fall of 2009, competed at BN the first half of this year, and then moved up to Novice. He finished the year with a good showing at the Novice Championships at VHT. His dressage is improving steadily, and his confidence as well. The plan is to continue as we are, smoothing out the rough spots and working on his ride-ability and consistency.  Clipper's motto: "Let me see if this fits into my mouth." Thank you to his owner, Kathie Partigan, for allowing me to work with and compete this talented horse.

 Photo by GRC Photo



Beginner Novice Open – Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Anne Schmid-Salisbury/Erica Davis
Horse's Name/nickname: The Sneak Attack/Tommy

Age/Sex/Breed: 11/G/TB 

We have been working hard on our dressage all year and are going to work on jumping this winter. I lease him from Erica Davis. I started leasing him in the summer 2009. He is wonderful!!!!! We hope to start the season with a BN and quickly move up to novice. Anne runs No Worries Farm. noworriesfarm.net. I am a Licensed Vet tech. I have been riding for 27 years. I started eventing 6 years ago and love it!!!!



Beginner Novice Young Horse - Champion & Novice Young Horse - Reserve Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Katie Ruppel
Horse's Name/nickname: Compass Rose/Chloe
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 4/Mare/HanTrakTB/Feuertanzer(Trak)/Solid Gold(TBxHan)
Chloe came to me as a weanling and is a wonderful representation of our program. Started as a total green BN horse and finished the year at Training level, ending on her dressage score of 32, ribbons all along the way! She is fabulous! (and for sale!) She is probably the most talkative horse in the barn. She is always nickering and grunting. She is also very competitive and never backs down from a challenge. I'd love to find her a gutsy kid who wants to move up the levels.

Photo by GRC Photo


Beginner Novice Young Horse - Reserve Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Liz Woodfield-Carlucci

Horse's Name/nickname: Wister / Wister-Twister
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 4 yo Westphalian gelding, Sire - West Point   Dam - Fable by Freestyle
Liz is an BSN, RN who works for Biotech firm in the Northeast in the HIV field.  Old enough to not talk about how old she is getting. She is married to William "Bill" Carlucci who also events.  Wister is a home bred and was a premium foal at the Oldenburg inspections. Liz and Bill have a son Christopher - 2 years old - who just got his first pony for his birthday - Nutmeg.  Christopher loves Nutmeg and hates wearing a riding helmet.  But riding Nutmeg is better then how bad the helmet is. Liz has been riding for over 30 years and now breeds, raises and trains her own horses with Bill on their new Farm - Galloping Lane Farm. Wister did 4 events in 2010 - including the 4 yo event horse class at Waredaca. He will move up to Novice in his 5 yo year with Liz. Liz wants to thank her husband for all his support - and letting her breed so many horses.

 Karin Belgrave Photography



Novice Junior - Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Meredith Thomas/Gabrielle Thomas

Horse's Name/nickname: Miss Julia / Jules

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 15 y.o. Holsteiner x TB; sire: Chinn; dam: White Shoulders

Meredith is a 14 year-old freshman at St. Catherine's School in Richmond, VA, where she plays on the tennis team when she isn't riding. Her two brothers William (11) and Christian (9) tolerate the horses, but love to play baseball. Meredith has come up through the ranks with the Deep Run Hunt Pony Club and is currently rated a C2. She attended her first recognized event this spring. Meredith loves to fox hunt and go to lessons and clinics with her friends. Taught Jules to foxhunt last winter, and it turns out she's a natural. She is looking forward to moving up to Training with Jules next season and to getting her C3 rating in Pony Club. Favorite treats - Peppermints! But anything she wants, she pretty much gets. Julia is like having an extra-large Labrador on the property. Meredith would like to thank her mom and dad, everyone at the Deep Run Hunt Pony Club, and trainers who have helped: Mary Ellen Parsons, Chris Hitchcock, Lainey Ashker, and Mimi Combs.

Photo by GRC Photography



Novice Junior – Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Jorgen Olijslager/Nick Olijslager                                

Division: Novice, but moved up to Training mid year

Horse's Name/nickname: Delgany Flight/Duffy

Age/Sex/Breed: 14yrs/ISH/Gelding

I am 14 yrs old freshman at Ridge High School. I share Duffy with my older sister Erika who does First Level dressage competitions. We share nicely most of the time! Novice Three Day at GMHA was a blast this summer! Lucinda Green clinic was very educational, we figured out that I need to be very quiet, patient and calm, Duffy is a very laid back chap, but when we get to stadium jumping both our nerves take over! Moved up late 2010 from our 14.2 pony Tally (we tried Novice, but that just wasn’t Tally’s thing!) to Duffy 17 hand horse! That was a BIG difference! We started slowly at Novice and moved up mid year to Training. Hoping to do Preliminary late 2011 (if my trainers & dad let me!), but that all depends on our stadium jumping, we still need to work on our partnership in that phase!

Thank you Heather Mason for your dressage coaching and Clarissa Wilmerding for your jumping coaching!



Novice Adult Amateur Reserve Champion

Rider Name/ Owner: Nicole Thomas

Horse Name/ Nickname: Top of the World / Injun

Age/Sex/Breed: 16 year old mare, Shire/TBX

I’m 22 years old, Studying nursing. I have been around horses most of my life, and started eventing about 6 years ago. School takes up a lot of time, but we try to get out to an event every month or so during the season. With another year of college left to go, we will be on the same schedule in 2011. Injun is such a great mare; she always gives one hundred percent, and has a sweet personality. Injun loves all kinds of treats, but peppermints are her favorite. I would like to thank Ben and Erin Tursam (Summit Hill Farm) for all their help keeping us prepared throughout the season, and for taking such great care of my horses. And of course my Mom, for all her help, and for making it possible for me to ride and compete while in school. My goal for 2011 is to have a successful and safe season.


Photo by Mark Lehner, Hoofclix Photography



Novice Adult Amateur – 4th

Rider/Owner: Yvette Seger / Dee Cook

Horse’s Name: Roger Rabbit (Mainly “Roger,” but depending on his behavior, you may also hear him referred to as “Rockstar,” “Silly Bunny,” or “Old Ratbag.”)

Age/Sex/Breed: 20 years young / Gelding (but he still LOVES the ladies!) / Thoroughbred

Roger and I met in May 2007. He had been a pasture ornament for a couple of years due to general stiffness, and I hadn’t been on a horse in nearly 9 years. Roger’s owner thought it would be good for us to “get back into shape” together. At first, Roger wasn’t convinced that this was a good idea, but he did like the carrots that I brought, and decided that I couldn’t be all that bad. About 3 months into our partnership, my competitive spirit crept back in and I asked Roger’s owner if I could event him. We’ve been red-and-black sporting fixtures at the Novice level ever since. In 2010, Roger completed 5 recognized Novice events (we only run him once a month, because of his age), with his best finish being 2nd place at MDHT III in October.

Roger and I are lucky to have an amazing support crew, who are lovingly referred to as “Team Rabbit” (you may have seen the shirts/hats at events!) Without the support of my parents, Larry and Diane Seger (who dutifully drive down from Northern Ohio for every event), Dee Cook and her amazing family, and my coaches Kevin Bowie and Terri Impson, none of our successes would be possible. I’d also like to thank my VERY extensive Pony Club family and Blonde Pirate Booty adult team members for their avid support and cheering at every event. You guys make me and Roger feel like rockstars!



Novice Adult Amateur – 6th

Rider/Owner: Heidi Brueckner

Horse’s Name: Inquisitive, aka Q, aka Q-ball, aka Goober

Age/Sex/Breed: 9 yr old OTTB Gelding

I bought Q at the age of 6 after 11 starts on the track. After we got the hang of things, we started eventing and loved it! Q is a XC machine! We were looking to continue a strong 2009 season, but we only got to two events (and at the first Heidi jumped a T jump and got TE duh).  After intermittent soundness issues, extensive diagnostics, and every potential procedure and medication, it looks like Q will be living the rest of his days as a trail horse/neighbor pony ride-giver. While devastating for Heidi, their short competitive seasons were successful and amazing! Q now runs (in his eyes) the family farm and still sticks his nose into everything.



Novice Open - Champion

Rider name/Owner: Brittanie Hardy
Horse's Name/nickname: Wonderbaar / Wanda
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 7/Mare/Dutch Warmblood/Sir Sinclair/Karma

I’m 23 years old from Fairfax Station, VA.  Brittanie has competed up to Intermediate level eventing on her now-retired horse, Happenstance, and competed third level dressage with her mom's horse, Irish Crossing.    After working with a young horse & assisting with the Central Piedmont Pony Club during college, she graduated and spent 8 months as a working student for Phillip Dutton.  After returning home to Virginia in April, she spent the summer working for Cathy Fredrickson and in August achieved her "H-A" with the United States Pony Club.  She has also dabbled in hunters, jumpers, foxhunting, and trail riding.  I purchased "Wanda" in January, 2010, and we had a fantastic start to the season after winning the Difficult Run Horse Trials at Novice.   Unfortunately, we had a series of bloopers as I spent the summer beginning to really get to know her and she began to get to know me as well.  We had a rough time at Waredaca trying to get down a bank complex, but I was absolutely thrilled when we worked it out at Rubicon.  My plans for 2011 are to continue at Novice and hopefully move up to Training by mid-summer/fall.  I'm not in any hurry, and I think as soon as we "click" together she'll be unbeatable!  She's already a blast just to work with at home.  Wanda LOVES "Stud Muffins" (like rider, like horse!). She will reach out and give kisses for them.  I want to thank Cathy Fredrickson and Christy Wise from Millwood Farm Equestrian Center for their dedication in my training this summer.  They have been fantastic in helping Wanda and I both mentally and physically.  I also want to thank my parents for their support over the past 23 years.  Without them I wouldn't be where I am today, and neither would Wanda.  To my dad: I promise I'll move out someday!!



Novice Open Reserve Champion

Rider Name/Owner: Jaye Younkers

Horse’s Name/Nickname: Shamus Brown/Shamu and Moby (like in whales)

Age/Sex/Breed: 12 yr old Connemara/TB gelding. He is by Bobbie Brown (Conn.) and out of TB mare named “Starting Over”.

I am 56 years old and with my husband Buddy we take care of our 18 horse Boarding stable. I call myself only a “part time” professional because I also have a full time job at a tack shop called “the Surrey”. I have been riding all my life, but in the Hunter/Jumper world. I was also a very successful Side Saddle competitor. I still feel like an Amateur in the Eventing World. I have only competed close to home this year. I don’t plan to move Shamus up to training any time soon, because I can’t give him the time to get just that much fitter and don’t think it would be fair to him. I might like to try the Novice/Training division in the future. My special thanks goes to my groom/friend Sara Clifford, I would never get to the ring without her.


Novice Young Horse Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Courtney Cooper/ & Neal Camens
Horse's Name/nickname: Nevaeh Nevaeh ("Heaven" spelled backward, pronounced like Nevada without the "ad") Nickname: Nev Nev  

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 4-year old TB Mare by Cathy's Regal Sun out of August Sunset. 

Courtney Cooper is a graduate of Rice University; she rides and competes numerous horses as part of her work at C Square Farm, the sales and consignment business she shares with her husband Neal in southeastern Pennsylvania. Nevaeh was sent to me to be sold by her breeder Amber Bauman.  I liked her so much that I decided I wanted her for our farm; my husband and I purchased her.   Courtney Cooper has been competing in eventing since the 1980s with experience through the Advanced level.  Nevaeh has been a joy to have around and was quite successful in her first full year of eventing, winning 4 times, and placing 7th of 54 at the AECs.  Plans are for her to move up to Training in 2011 as well as continue in the young event classes.  She also has another nickname, Porpoise, as she likes to play and makes a rolling motion like a porpoise. She also likes to play in her water trough when she is warm. We appreciate everyone who keeps the farm running and the horses competing from our great owners, to our vets and farrier and most importantly our wonderful staff!  Also we are looking for partners in her and some of the other horses we currently own.  More information, pictures and video of Nevaeh may be found at www.csquarefarm.com, under Event Team Horses.



Training Junior - Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Marissa Hughes

Horse name & barn name - My horses name is Odie everywhere...it suits his personality no matter what.
Breed/Age/Sex - Odie is an 8 year old 15.2 hand Quarter Horse Paint that’s full of spunk and loves is job.
We have had an awesome season at Training level trecking all the way down to Georgia for the AEC’s and winning our junior Training division! We’re moving up to Preliminary in the fall of 2010. My goals for Odie and I are to be successful at the Preliminary level and to compete on the * and maybe ** NAJYRC team in the years to come.



Training Junior - Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Allie Keresman
Horse's Name/nickname: Mystic 
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 11/ mare/ Thoroughbred Hanoverian Cross/ Mystic Replica/ Andorra
I’m 20, at the University of Delaware Pre-Veterinary Medicine Major. I like mares better than geldings, they are they only horses I have Evented. Eventing at training level with two horses(Mystic Dora and Kelly Rose) and some prelim experience. So far have done Training level and one Training/Prelim and hopes to go Preliminary next season
She loves peppermints and is the Alpha mare in her pasture. I would like to thank my friend Meghan Thompson for helping me at all of my shows and my parents for supporting me.



Training Adult Amateur – Champion

Rider Name: Doreen Schlicht
Owner Name: Jane Murray
Horse’s Name: Orange
Age/Sex/Breed : 21, Gelding, Irish Sport Horse
Orange has "been there, done that."  I am his retirement job.  And what a year we've had!  Orange loves to compete and is sure everyone went to the event just to see him. 
I am so very lucky to have the ride on Orange.  Thank you, Jane.


Training Adult Amateur Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Lisa Warnock
Horse's Name/nickname: Constant Sorrow/Connor

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 8 y.o. OTTB

I am so grateful to have such an awesome horse as Connor in my life.  He has given me the confidence to go Training (something I never thought I'd do) and to even entertain the thought of Prelim.  He is a big grouch, hates to be touched, has an enormous attitude, can be a lazy slug, and seems to enjoy having rails in stadium ;), but I love him anyway!


Training Adult Amateur 4th

Rider name/Owner: Lisa Warnock

Horse's Name/nickname: Hit And Run/Mark

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 11 y.o. OTTB
Mark was a giveaway on Leighton Farms web site two years ago because he had suspected lameness issues and wretched ground manners and was horrific to ride.  After a few sessions with the chiro, he has never been unsound.  And after tons of frustratingly hard work, his dressage is finally coming around.  He has all the heart in the world and tries his hardest no matter what.  He is a big goof ball and he makes me laugh with his antics. 


Training Open - Champion

Rider name/Owner: Dawn Beach
Horse's Name/nickname: Sudden Eclipse / Major
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 6 year old homebred TB/Paint.  I owned the sire (Eclipse) TB and the Dam (Puddle Jumper) Paint. Major is 17.3 and his grand dam is a 13.2 paint pony who I own as well.  I guess you could say he is 1/4 pony but he looks like a warmblood cross.  I own and operate Winswept Stables in Lewes, Delaware. It is a full service boarding/lesson facility and we specialize in combined training.  I have a british horsemasters and a british
instructors degree.  I graduated with a bachelors degree in equine science from Centenary college in NJ.  I have two kids, Chase and Macy who both ride and compete as well. I have competed horses up thru intermediate and hope that Major will be that advanced horse. I plan on bringing Major out at preliminary, would like to do a 3-day with him and if he feels great let him end next season with an intermediate.

Major is just a good ol boy with an easy going personality but can be spooky.   It mainly comes out hacking at home and in stadium.  Moving him up to preliminary makes him have to concentrate on the jumps more and less on what's around him. He's a super fun horse with a powerful jump. He's a groaner and sounds like a bear.  He groans during work sometimes if something hard is asked of him. You always know what's on his mind.






Training Open Reserve Champion


Rider/Owner: Tara Ziegler/Alice H. Morse II

Horse's Name/nickname: Babu’s Flying Finish (aka Alex)

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 16/G/TBX/Forfeit/Sage Babu (bred by owner)

As far as quirks he is a big moose who loves to compete, and loves to watch the show jumping.... it’s like his favorite tv show. . Alex loves going places with a lot of action and watching. He is a young 16, but hasn’t done as much and is quite talented and I would love to see how far he can go if he doesn’t get sold. As for me, I work with my mother with her horse business, training and selling all types of horses (www.zieglereventing.com).



Training Open 3rd

Rider Name/Owner: Cherie Chauvin

Horse’s Name/Nickname: Katchi Kapshi/"Katchi" (Katchi Kapshi is Korean for "we go together")
Age/Sex/Breed: 9/G/TB
What a great year for Katchi... eventually!  After finishing 5th in the Area II High Point for Novice last year, and a mid-season move up to Training level, our dreams for 2010 got off to a slow start.  But we finally got ourselves in order and have had a great end of the year - leading to 3rd place in both the Area II Training Championships and High Point awards.  Katchi is an OTTB who I bought when he was 5 - as my project after over 10 years away from eventing.  I'm not sure who was more trouble to train - me or him!  But, we're having great fun now and so looking forward to 2011!  You can follow our adventures at my blog: http://www.golightlysporthorses.blogspot.com/  One of the coolest things of 2010 for us was wearing a helmet cam on XC at the Area Championships - how fun to finally know all those crazy things I say to Katchi on XC and promptly forget I've said!  You'll find a link to the video on my blog.


Preliminary Junior/Young Rider - Champion

Rider name: Erika González

Horse's Name/nickname: Copper Dancer aka “George”

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: George is a 10 year old gelding that is 7/8 thoroughbred and 1/8 quarter horse. His father is Chris the Dancer from Northern Dancer and Native Dancer thoroughbred lines.

I am currently 20 years old and a junior studying Environmental Science at the University of Maryland. I started eventing when I got my first horse at the age of 10. In 2009, we placed 1st in Area 2 for the Junior/Young Rider Training Level awards. This year our goal was to move up to Prelim level. George is a food lover. Whether its horse food, people food, smells like food, sounds like food, or even looks like food you will be sure to see George pawing and crinkling his lips because he wants it. Since I am guilty of spoiling him, I have at least taught him to bow for a treat.  I would like to first thank my family for their tremendous support in everything I set out to do with George. I would also like to thank all the people who have helped George and I meet our goals for this year including Sharon White, Silva Martin, Ray Wheeler, and the entire barn family at Good News Stables. In August, I achieved my United States Pony Club National B Rating with George. In September, we completed both horse and rider’s first 1* event at Plantation International CIC Event.  George and I will be moving up to Intermediate level in the fall of 2010. In 2011, I plan on competing George at the Intermediate level with the hopes of making the NAJYRC Intermediate Level team. I plan on competing in a few 2* events in 2011. I am also aiming to achieve my HA and A rating in Pony Club.







Preliminary Junior/Young Rider – Reserve Champion

Rider's Name / Owner: Sarah Bratton
Horse's Name / Nickname: Aztec Gold (Az)
Age/Sex/Breed: 10 y.o. / 14.1ish Connemara cross gelding. 

He has a huge personality - and don't tell him he's not 20 hands.  He's very smart and affectionate, but you won't catch him snuggling in public!  We've had him for years so he's got the show routine down.  I'm 19 and a sophomore in college, but what I really do is ride and play with my dogs. We backed off competing this year, ending with the AEC's, and are looking forward to next season.  For now the biggest goal for Az is going to Hagyard Midsouth P3D.  I also have a new guy starting out so we'll - ALL - see you out there!




Preliminary Junior/Young Rider – 3rd

Rider name: Chase Beach 16 years old.
Horse’s Name: Lucky Bucky

Age/Sex/Breed: 10 yr. 16.2 dark bay thoroughbred gelding off the track.
I got Bucky off a brood mare farm where he was just hanging around after coming off the track.  I brought him along from the start with my mom's help, she is a trainer and competitor. He used to jump with his nose between his knees so it took some work.  Bucky likes to be pampered when not competing but kicks it into gear when showing, much like my motor cross bike.  We where part of the NAJYRC  Area 2.



Preliminary Adult Amateur Champion

Rider Name/Owner: Ann Baumgardner

Horse’s Name/Nickname: Mick Dreamy

Age/Sex/Breed: 9 year old Connemara/TB gelding who was born and raised at Ann Baumgardner’s farm in Washington Virginia. He is sired by Aladdin’ Denver and out of an event mare of Ann’s, Chiara Baba by Babamist.

Mick began life as an expensive project as beginning on his 2nd day of life, he was hospitalized for seven days at Morven for an impaction. So he started off at a value of $15,000!

By the time Mick was ready to get going, Ann was moving away from eventing and focusing on foxhunting and trail riding. Mick had other ideas, however, as he proved to be an absolutely horrendous hunt horse, no matter how many times he “visited the bar,” during hunting! So, being in love with her “Mick Dreamy,” Ann decided to give eventing a shot. This all began in 2007, with an elimination at his first horse trials at Difficult Run, where Mick was less than Dreamy when he met up with the water in the woods. However, things looked up from there and Ann and Mick have had no eliminations that were Mick’s doing since then. For some reason, toward the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 seasons, Ann was navigationally challenged, resulting in multiple technical eliminations cross country, due to her turning Mick in the wrong direction, or flying past a combination of fences that Mick Dreamy would’ve made his way through easily.

Lucky for Mick Dreamy, Ann did overcome those mental blocks, and from the month of September on, they went on to win many primary color ribbons at Preliminary! It was a fun and exhilarating fall, and Ann can only attribute their success to the talents of her “Porse,” and his genetic predisposition to get the other side of everything, despite his sometimes absent-minded rider!

Ann and Mick appreciate the support and encouragement of so many friends and professionals who have seen us up to this point. Stephanie Bosch, Michelle Campbell, Carol Kozlowski, Jim Moore, and our hero, Jimmy Wofford, have been so incredible to see us through this journey.

No one is to allowed to say the “I” word to us, however, as Ann is determined to stay at the “P” level until Mick retires. We are having so much fun and hope for that to continue for many years to come!



Preliminary Adult Amateur - Reserve Champion

Rider name/Owner: Catherine Rochester

Horse's Name/nickname: Gretel’s Star / Greta
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 10/ISH&Han/ Mare.

I have owned her over 6 years. She is the best horse I have ever owned.  I learned to ride as a kid, but quit riding in high school and took it up again as an adult about 23 years ago. I was an avid foxhunter for most of my adult riding life and started eventing about 15 years ago.  Love it so much I gave up foxhunting and now spend all my time training and competing. I ride 5-6 days a week and compete regularly in area II and area III (winter months). I am over 50, retired from my own "boutique" investment banking business that I started about 30 years ago. I have been married 23 years to David Rochester.  Lots of cats, 2 dogs, 4 horses at the moment. 2 step kids, 5 step grandkids.



Preliminary Open Champion

Rider name/Owner: Mardi Herman
Horse's Name/nickname: Zoe VIII

Age/sex/breed/sire/dam: Zoe is a 15 year old TB that we bred here at Red Oak Farm. She is by Rambler Red and out Phoebe's Waltz by Journalist. She was the only foal out of this mare and was orphaned when she was 2 months old so she has been spoiled for a long time. My training horse Gilda and my 5 year old Tintin are out of a full sister to her mother.This year Zoe discovered  a passion for ginger snaps so I always had a few to give her after x-country. Next year I plan to breed her either to a thoroughbred or an Irish sport horse. She has been a super event horse and deserves a break. My thanks to my trainers Sally Cousins and Phoebe Devoe-Moore and also my very patient husband Mark.

 Photo by GRC Photo


Preliminary & Intermediate Open Reserve Champion


Rider/Owner: Helen Hayn

Horses Name: Aqua Tom (Tommy)

Age/sex/breed/sire/dam:  9y.o. / G / Holsteiner TB / Cimarron / Interstitial

I purchased Tommy on a shopping trip in California looking at another horse.  I fell in love with Tommy when I laid my eyes on him.  He was not broke to ride so the breeder put him in the round pen so I can watch him go.  1 month later he was on the east coast.  A year later I was layed off from my job of 7 years so I sold my tb and colored warmblood but kept Tommy. I took my time with Tommy since I had a regular job and we enjoyed the local dressage shows and cross country schooling.  We had fun at Novice in 2008 and was Reserve Champ USEA Adult Amateur, also Novice Champion Adult Amateur with Area2.  This year we had a late start but we had fun especially when we got to go to new courses, like Millbrook and Plantation Fields.  Plans for next year are Bromont and Fair Hill in the Fall.


Preliminary & Intermediate Young Horse - Champion

Rider name/Owner: Katie, Patty and Chris Ruppel
Horse's Name/nickname: Houdini/Hewie, or lovingly called Screwy
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 6/Gelding/American TB/Hot Rock/Nancy's Star
I’m 24 yrs old and a professional event rider, amateur chef and proud chicken collector (live ones!) I found Hewie as a 3yo as a gift for my then significant other. Well, Hewie was so wild as a baby, he decided he didn't want him! I can't blame him, he was pretty bad. I tried to sell him but he was basically unrideable. Then I tried to give him away, with no success! So my only option was to keep riding him, and I'm so glad I did. Horse's experiences during 2010 and plans for 2011? Ribbons at Preliminary, 12th Bromont CCI1*, 12th AEC's Preliminary, completed 1st Intermediate fall of 2010. For 2011 Hewie will continue at the Intermediate level and is looking towards Ocala CCI2* as a start. You will think I am kidding, but I'm not. He has imaginary friends that he plays with in the back of his stall. He is also very afraid of tree stumps, among many other things.  Thanks especially to the girls who work for me, for putting up with Hewie's silly behavior. Also to my coach Buck, who has believed in the horse since he first saw him.

Photo by Cealey Tetley

Intermediate Young Rider – Champion


Rider name/Owner: Christina McKitrick
Horse's Name: Teco
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 10 / Gelding / Selle FrancaisxHolsteiner cross / Corrado-Fly / Orli
I'm 19 years old and currently a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington. I rode on an equitation team for four years, and I've been an active member of Difficult Run Pony Club since 2003. Teco is a giant teddy bear of a horse who would crawl into your lap if he could! I am forever grateful to my incredibly supportive family and amazing coach, Paul Ebersole, who has put many hours into helping me achieve my goals in eventing.


Intermediate Young Rider - Reserve Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Colleen McKitrick
Horse's Name/nickname: Connor II/ Connor
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 17, Gelding, Irish Thoroughbred, Actinum/Ardora
I am 16 yrs old and a junior at Loudoun County High School. I’ve ridden for 10 years on 2 ponies and a previous horse. Horse's quirks, favorite treats, tricks etc? Connor is very grumpy, but if you give him peppermints, he will love you forever! I would like to thank my coach, Paul Ebersole, for getting me from Novice to Intermediate with endless time in the form of lessons and traveling to shows. I also thank him specially for getting me to the 2009 NAJYRC. I owe everything to him and my parents, who have always supported me in my riding career.



Intermediate Open Champion

 Rider name/Owner: Courtney Cooper/ & Neal Camens
Horse's Name/nickname: Who's A Star/Tag

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 7 y.o. Gelding, New Zealand / Irish Sport Horse, by Aberjack, Mark Todd's eventing stallion (by Aberlou) out of our own Heavenly Star, an Irish Sport Horse mare (by I'm a Star).  

Courtney Cooper is a graduate of Rice University; she rides and competes numerous horses as part of her work at C Square Farm, the sales and consignment business she shares with her husband Neal in southeastern Pennsylvania. Tag is the oldest of our 7 homebreds. He was a gangly baby and this year started to grow into all of his parts and was very successful completing CCI 2*s at Bromont and Fair Hill International.  Courtney Cooper has been competing in eventing since the 1980s with experience through the Advanced level.    Who's a Star "hit for the cycle, finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at Intermediate this fall.  We plan for Tag to spend some more time at Intermediate and then move up to Advanced later in the year.  He is an odd duck and will flap his lips sometimes when he is bored in his stall. Between the babies, the sales horses, and our competition horses it takes a lot of help to get and keep everything organized we really appreciate the help from our owners, students, vets, farrier and our fantastic staff; we could not do it without you!  More information, pictures and video of Who's a Star may be found at www.csquarefarm.com, under Event Team Horses.


Advanced Open - Champion

Rider name/Owner: Katie Ruppel, Katie, Patty & Chris Ruppel
Horse's Name/nickname: Sir Donovan/Donald
Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 8/Gelding/ISH/VDL Arkansas/Flown
Horse's experiences during 2010 and plans for 2011? Donald completed his 2nd year at the Advanced level, finishing 13th in competitive fields at both the Bromont and Fair Hill CCI3*'s. I'm a little bit troubled about these results, I'm pretty superstitious so I have to improve my results, if I finish 13th on him one more time I'm going to freak out! But the horse is fabulous and together we have had a great year. Next year we will be on track for the Rolex Kentucky 4*.  Horse's quirks – Rearing… My goal is to convince him to like dressage. It's a bit like teaching a linebacker to do ballet. Slowly I am winning!

 Photo by Xpress Foto