We are looking for a motivated and hard-working person to join Team Dodon starting NOW! Dodon is a busy eventing training barn that houses anywhere from 30-35 horses (25 in stalls; the rest on 24/7 turnout).
**Daily Job Duties include, but not limited to**
• Feeding, and turning-in/out 25 horses (occasional mucking, but we have someone on staff who's main job is to clean stalls)
• Grooming and tacking-up ~12 horses in training for our resident trainer, Michelle Warro, then cooling them off and putting them away after each ride.
• Helping Michelle at events during the show season (weekends)
• Cleaning and putting away tack at the end of each day
• Maintaining a neat and orderly barn and tack room
• Administering medications; bandaging and wound care when necessary
• Mane-pulling, clipping in the winter months
• Take video of sales horses
• Holding horses for the vet or farrier
• Good riding ability not required as riding is not a primary job responsibility, HOWEVER, riding opportunit


Erin Pittman
Groom/Working StudentGroom/Working StudentGroom/Working Student

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