This flashy 6 yr old, 17 hh imported Irish Sport Horse gelding, sired by Future Trend, has a bright future ahead of him with upper-level talent! Future Trend was a top 1.4m show jumper and his offspring show the potential to follow suit. Trendy competed in the 1.0 m jumpers at Princeton for his USA debut!
Trendy has experience in foxhunting, EI100 (USA Training) eventing, and show jumping in Ireland. He was imported in December 2017 with a clean PPE and x-rays.
Trendy has a swinging walk, expressive trot, and an uphill and ground-covering canter. His jump is catty, with a forward but adjustable way of going to his fences. Trendy has a very willing temperament and a great work ethic, making him ideal for a young rider, adult amateur, or professional. He goes in a snaffle, and is well-mannered in the barn with a puppy dog personality.


Stephanie Swites
Young, Imported Gelding with Lots of Talent!

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