This mare is the one-in-1,000 Thoroughbreds who foxhunts on the buckle, lowers her head to carefully pick through the worst terrain, and goes from a gallop to a halt as soon as she’s asked, standing motionless while her rider listens for hounds.

We didn’t know any of that until recently because she came to us as a solid Novice event horse to be sold into that discipline. We needed to take another horse hunting, and on a whim asked one of our boarders, a rather timid lower level event rider, to come along on Ginny. We knew Ginny was an easy ride but you never know how they’ll react to the chaos of hunting. We told Malinda to just hang on, and that if it didn’t go well we’d come in early.

Early in the hunt we came to a stream crossing where the far bank wasn’t much firmer than quick sand. All the horses went down to their bellies and scrambled away. Ginny did the same but Malinda lost her balance and rolled into the mud. Ginny waited. Malinda got up, walker her to the edge of the fi


Steuart & Erin Pittman
Fox Hunter or Eventer!Fox Hunter or Eventer!

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