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2018 Area II Young Riders Online Auction

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Note: Each item may have its own restrictions, so please see description of item. Winners of lessons, coaching and instruction must coordinate with the trainer directly. Whenever possible winners will be sent certificates, etc. via email so make sure your email is up to date.


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1 gift certificate for services from Mythic Landing, LLC
05-10-2018 20:00


The trouble with late nights over good food and a killer bottle of wine is the promises you made. You need a great advertisement for this super marketing opportunity you just heard about last night. It appears you've promised them a good ad, after memories start to unblur - but how are you going to do that? Well, no need for more stress - or wine. All you have to do is bid on this gift certificate from Mythic Landing, LLC. for an ad design or flyer by one of the best marketing groups in eventing. Make sure you check back often to keep your bid up! There's nothing wrong with late nights with a good bottle of wine as long as it ends in a winning bid for Young Riders! It's all at: www.mythicklanding.com, check out: http://mythiclanding.blogspot.com; Like Us https://www.facebook.com/mythiclandingenterprises;  Follow Us http://twitter.com/mythiclanding and https://www.instagram.com/mythiclanding


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